Google Builds Keyboard App GBoard With Useful Function


Google Keyboard

Google released a pretty good keyboard application for the iOS operating system some months ago: the GBoard. And now this keyboard has got a handy new function. You can now dictate a text and convert it to the application. Also, the company has provided the application with new Emojis and a nice little feature.

Google has equipped its keyboard application for the iPhone with a new feature: the GBoard now has a language-to-text feature. Google calls this feature simply “input.”

This language input apparently works in two different ways. The app description and our tests indicate that you just have to tap the microphone button on the right above the keyboard to start the dictation. Other users, including the US website The Verge, however, report that you have to hold down the keyboard’s empty key a bit longer to dictate a text.

Google has further expanded GBoard

Also, Google has now equipped the GBoard app with 15 additional languages. However, German is supported for a longer time and is therefore not part of the language pack for version 1.3.0.

Google has now also integrated the Emojis, which Apple with iOS on the iPhone introduced, into the own keyboard application. And last but not least, the famous Google Doodles, which are also found on the company’s search engine, will be featured in GBoard. They hide behind the Google logo. If this logo is animated in the app, you can tap it to see the “Doodle of the Day.”

However, before this update, GBoard was considered an excellent keyboard application, which allows you to perform a Google search directly on the keyboard without having to switch to another app.