Natural Home Remedies For Flatulence


Natural Home Remedies For Flatulence

If the belly bloated, makes noises and causes stomach pain, it is often the case that there is flatulence. Flatulence can be irritating and unpleasant and often occur in combination with abdominal pains, back pain, and digestive disorders.

Normally, many gases that are forming in the body have excreted through the lungs again. In the case of flatulence, their takes the rear exit. In most cases, when food from the stomach and intestines are not properly digesting, they are released into the intestine, where they are cleaved or fermented.

But also constipation, excessive eating, anxiety, smoking, gastric ulcers, anorexia, water retention, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and hallucinations can lead to increased air accumulation in the abdomen and cause flatulence.

For our intestine to function optimally, it needs different nutrients. There are some foods that help digestion, provide the intestine with nutrients, soothe bowel muscles, and reduce flatulence.

Warm lemon water:

Warm lemon water

Warm lemon water is one of the most efficient home remedies for flatulence. It helps digestion, benefits to absorb polluting toxins better from the body and provides the body with sufficient moisture. The acidity of the lemon also stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid, which is very necessary for the cleavage of the food.

Particularly warm lemon water is perfect for digestion. It relieves bloating and helps against constipation.
Simply mix the juice of half a lemon with a cup of warm water and drink in the morning on a sober stomach and the afternoon.



Peppermint contains the essential oil menthol, which helps very well against flatulence. Menthol helps to relax the smooth muscles of the digestive tract and has a dripping effect. It can relieve cramping of the gastrointestinal tract, the bile ducts, and the gall bladder.

Peppermint also helps digest fats and increases digestion speed.

In the case of flatulence, either fresh peppermint leaves can be chewed, or a tea made. For the tea: Pour fresh or dried peppermint leaves with hot water and let them go for 10 minutes. Daily drink 2 to 3 cups of peppermint tea.

Fennel seeds:

fennel seeds

Fennel seeds have a digestion effect and help to prevent bloating. They relax the muscles, relieve stomach pains and support normal digestion. Fennel seeds also have analgesic, antimicrobial, and diuretic properties and stimulate natural metabolism.

A few fennel seeds can be commonly chewed after a meal or made as a tea. For the tea: 1 teaspoon fennel seeds in 1 cup of hot water, cover and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain the tea and drink 2 to 3 times a day.



Ginger contains several active ingredients that help against bloating. Ginger relaxes the intestinal musculature, act as an antispasmodic and help similar to the drugs aspirin and ibuprofen against pain.

The regular consumption of ginger protects the gastric mucosa, stimulates the secretion of gastric and pancreatic enzymes, helping to absorb nutrients from food better. Ginger also helps against heartburn, inflammation in the intestine, and an irritable bowel syndrome.

In the case of bloating, freshly prepared ginger tea helps. For this, finely grate a hazelnut-sized piece of ginger and pour over a cup of hot water. Leave to cover for 10 minutes and serve to taste with honey or lemon juice. Drink the tea 2 to 3 times a day.

Camomile tea:

chamomile tea

Camomile tea is relaxing and anti-inflammatory. It has antiperspirant properties, helps to soothe the intestines and stomach and works very well against heartburn and flatulence.

Bring a cup of water to the boil and add either a chamomile tea bag or dried chamomile flowers. Cover the tea for 10 minutes and taste to taste with honey or lemon juice. Drink tea 2 to 3 times daily between meals.

Pumpkin seeds:

pumpkin seeds

Use of pumpkin seeds provides a better digestion. They contain abundant vitamin A, potassium and fiber, which helps digestion and prevent flatulence.

A handful of pumpkin seeds a day helps to relieve bloating and support digestion.

Various home remedies help against bloating and have a positive effect on our metabolism. By integrating them into our diet, we can prevent digestive disorders and increase our overall well-being.

Note: Chronic flatulence should be examined by the physician.